Market analyses and forecasts for the construction and property sectors

A company’s activities need to be based on correct assumptions about the operating environment, market trends and customer needs and attitudes. We offer you customised information that gives you the right knowledge for all of your decisions.

Market drivers

We continually study all factors in our surrounding environment that affect the conditions for construction activity in the Nordic region.

Unique industry data

We monitor how different construction products are consumed and distributed in the market and who is initiating and making the purchasing decisions.

Customer experience

We measure and evaluate how customers perceive the service, products, and brands on the market.

Customer preferences

Through our research, we offer an understanding of customer needs, attitudes and behaviour.
Based on our extensive expertise, we can select the correct method of research, analyse the data and draw relevant conclusions.

Experts in analysis and methodology

Broad market understanding in the Nordic construction and property sectors

Our expert knowledge of the market allows us to understand what information is needed for each situation.
Decision basis
We adapt our analyses so that they provide the knowledge necessary in any given situation.

Information customised to your needs and concerns

Smart decision basis for wise decisions

Our analyses always provide detailed and nuanced results, which provide a basis for successful decisions.

What can we do for you?

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