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We offer unique data and information about the Nordic construction and building materials market. We help you understand and identify underlying drivers, market shares and future demand.
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About our market intelligence service

We offer data and insights about the entire Nordic construction market. We help you identify and understand underlying drivers, market structures, and future demand. Our offering is unique in providing medium-term analyses and forecasts which are updated twice a year.


What you will find out: 

  • Market drivers
  • Market structure
  • Construction activity
  • Future output/demand
  • Distribution channels
  • How your products and/or services perform compared to substitutes
Five construction segments

Our forecasts have a medium-term perspective (2-3 years) and are published bi-annually (March and September). The reports provide you with extensive and detailed background information on construction market trends and underlying drivers (such as demographics, construction prices, interest rates and general macro-economic factors), as well as output and activity for all building types within the following construction segments:

  • New residential market
  • New non-residential market
  • Renovation market (residential)
  • Renovation market (non-residential)
  • Civil engineering

Each report comes with an Excel file that includes all available data, on multiple geographical levels. As a customer, you will also have access to interactive dashboards where you can make your own analyses and create customized reports.

Building materials

In addition to our construction market reports, we also provide forecasts and reports for the entire building materials market. We offer analyses for a vast majority of building materials including technical installation, windows, floors, insulation, and kitchens to mention a few.


What you will get:    

  • Customized reports on market sizes, structures and future demand.
  • Demand by customer type, distribution channel, and region.
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