The market and surrounding environment

Nuanced analyses of the operating environment and its driving forces allow us to ensure that organisations have the correct information. We are experts in market analysis and offer customised knowledge to help companies achieve their goals.
Typical customer needs
Reinforce strategy and budgetary processes
Identify and exploit growth opportunities
Model revenue and cost flows
Plan and optimise sales efforts
Analysis of the potential for acquisitions
Measure and monitor market shares
What you will learn

Our customised analyses describe the market’s driving forces, size, structure and development. The information can for example be divided into segments, customer type and distribution channels.


We offer knowledge about the entire value chain, from material consumption and distribution flows to performance steps.


We cover everything from detailed information at post code level to assessments of the entire European market or parts thereof.

How we find answers

Over the years, Prognoscentret has created an extensive and unique database which we combine with external data sources to develop high quality analyses.


We quality assure and develop our sampling and analysis methods and we are also responsible for the majority of industry-specific collections of statistics.


Our employees are macroeconomists, civil economists, social scientists, engineers and statisticians who use interdisciplinary analyses to create unique results.

The data we use

In our market analyses we handle large data sets that often combine primary data with other types of available data that is relevant to the issue. We have a great understanding of statistics, extensive experience of collecting and analysing documents and in-depth knowledge of available secondary data. All of this makes us a reliable partner for important decision making in your organisation.

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