How we handle personal information

Prognosesenteret conducts market analyses on behalf of clients or on our own. We always comply with laws and ethical guidelines for market research. On this page we describe further how we work with personal information and data protection.
When Prognosesenteret contacts you

We guarantee that in our surveys we comply with the available laws (under The Swedish Data Protection Authority) and ethical guidelines (set by ESOMAR) for market research. For example this means that we have some fundamental principles:

  • We never contact you as an individual for purposes other than market research, i.e. no contact will be made for the purpose of marketing or selling anything.
  • In an invitation to participate in a study, Prognosesenteret always clearly state the purpose of the survey. We also specify how the information you provide to us will be used.

The purchaser of the survey is usually shown in the invitation. In some cases however, the purchaser must be kept secret so that the survey results are not affected. In such cases you can always get information about the purchaser after your participation is complete, either in connection with completion of the survey or by contacting us.

Participation in surveys

Your consent is required for us to register your personal information

Prognosesenteret’s right to register personal information is based on consent. This means that your participation in a survey is completely voluntary and you are entitled to quit at any time. You can also ask us to delete previously provided information or move it to another company. This also applies to other personal information we have been given about you, including contact information.


The information you provide can only be used for the purpose stated in the survey. If we want to use the information for another purpose, we must ask for new consent. Prognosesenteret often group or classify individuals by combining information such as age and place of residence. You may prohibit your identity from being associated with such, or other forms of profiling.


Your information is anonymous

Prognosesenteret ensures that all information you provide is confidential. This means that only those at Prognosesenteret who are directly linked to the survey can identify your personal responses. Those who can identify your personal responses undertake to treat them confidentially and cautiously, even within Prognosesenteret.


The purchaser of the survey receives personal information only in such a manner that individuals cannot be identified, except in cases where you clearly and actively choose to reveal your identity to our them.

Data collection and cookies

In addition to the information you provide in a survey, additional information may be stored about your participation in the survey for quality assurance and development purposes. Such information is limited to:

  • Information on participation time in the various parts of the survey.
  • Technical information about the digital device used for participation (e.g. operating system, web browser, device type).


We do not identify individual visitors on our public pages. However our public web pages use cookies and similar techniques to count visitor frequency on different pages. Technical information about visitors (e.g. operating system, web browser, device type) may also be stored for quality assurance and development purposes.

Storage and data security

All information collected by Prognosesenteret may be stored for up to two years after the purpose for collection has been completed. This is done to enable internal quality assurance and external control of the survey method and results.


All Prognosesenteret’s storage centres have security measures to prevent information from being changed, lost or misused. Internal procedures are in place to minimise the risk of improper data handling among Prognosesenteret’s employees.


Our clients are often entitled to receive survey responses from individual participants, but only in such a manner that individuals cannot be identified. This means that all personal identifiers are first erased and also that background information is limited. Prognosesenteret also inspects the client’s data security.

Personal Information Manager and Data Protection Officer

The Personal Information Manager at Prognosesenteret is CEO Patric Lindqvist. This means that he is ultimately responsible for the handling of personal information. Our parent company Prognosesenteret AS also has a Data Protection Officer, Jörgen Brannstorph, registered with the Norwegian Data Inspection Board.


Responsibility of the Data Protection Officer

  • Answer questions from the public
  • Support and inspect the Manager’s handling of personal information
  • Report to the Norwegian Data Inspection Board if any shortcomings are not resolved


Complete contact information for Jörgen Brannstorph can be found at the top of this page as well as on our contact page, where you will also find contact information for Patric Lindqvist.


To contact page

We do our utmost not to send unsolicited email (spam) and to ensure that children under 18 do not participate in our surveys without the permission of a guardian.


Your e-mail address and sometimes certain background information have either been assigned to us by the purchaser of the survey or purchased by us from sellers of such information.  Our access to this information is governed by the terms set by the original holder. You are always entitled to know what information we have stored about you.


If you think we have handled your personal information incorrectly, you can contact The Swedish Data Protection Authority for assistance.

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