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Prognosesenteret is an independent market analysis company that specialises in the Nordic construction and property markets.
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Organization and co-workers

Prognosesenteret was founded in Norway in 1978 and a subsidiary was established in Sweden in 1991. Today, about 40 people work at our offices in Stockholm and Oslo. We have established ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of market analyses for the Nordic construction and property market.


Prognosesenteret is employee-owned and has no other owner-interests in the industry, which ensures the impartiality of our analyses. Among our co-workers we find, for example, economists, psychologists, urban planners, engineers, geographers and IT technicians. Thanks to the breadth of our expertise, we offer both niche services and overall analyzes.


We have deep and broad expertise in methodology, statistical analysis and great knowledge of the market.

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As a company, Prognosesenteret places great value on ensuring that our co-workers can combine an interesting and challenging career with other facets of their lives.


Our relatively small workplace helps create a family atmosphere where everyone knows everyone else. Even so, we are large enough to offer our co-workers opportunities to develop in their chosen professional roles.


We are always interested in new talents. If you are interested in working at Prognosesenteret, please feel free to send us information about yourself.

Our vision

Prognosesenteret has three core values which form the basis of the company – quality, expertise and cooperation. Our values are reflected in everything we do; in our dealings with customers, colleagues and our surrounding environment.


Our vision is to based on our expertise, quality and teamwork skills, offer the market’s best services for knowledge-driven performance management in the construction and real estate sectors in the Nordic countries.

Methodology and quality

Prognosesenteret has extensive practical experience working with various types of scientific techniques and methods. This is especially true in regards to quantitative analyses.


We use established research methodologies, customised to fit the specific customer or research question. In close consultation with our customers, we let the specific issue and the unique conditions of each situation determine the methodology for data collection and analysis.



ESOMAR (European Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals) is an international organisation for market research companies. The organisation strives to develop public and government confidence in the industry and to develop expertise within the research industry. In order to participate in the development and to support this important work, our methodology and quality control managers are members of ESOMAR.


The Swedish branch, Prognoscentret AB, is a member of SÖK (Sweden’s Market Researchers). This membership obliges Prognosesenteret to comply with the industry’s ethical and qualitative guidelines.

Ethics and Environment

Anyone who participates in our market research can be confident that information is handled confidentially. We store data in a safe way that prevents information from being altered, lost, or misused.


We comply with all relevant national and international laws, and act ethically not to harm our customers, survey participants or industry reputation. We emphasise that participation in our surveys is voluntary, and inform participants about the survey’s nature, purpose and how the results will be reported.




Prognosesenteret actively strives to reduce our impact on the environment, and we are certified by the Norwegian Miljøfyrtårn system. Our environmental policy is to pursue sound business practices, characterised by responsibility towards our co-workers, society and the environment and we expect our suppliers to work with us to reach our environmental goals.

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Press and media

Below, we have compiled information for press and media.


Media contact in Norway: Björn-Erik Øye, phone +47 900 11 186

Media contact in Sweden: Patric Lindqvist, phone +46 8 4409360

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