Customer insight

We help you to understand your customers' needs, preferences and behaviour. The right customer insight allows you to make good decisions and increase business profitability.
Typical customer needs
Determine willingness to pay
Measure and understand your trademark
Understand customer attitudes and trends
Identify how customers choose and prioritise
Identify and segment target groups
Assess customer satisfaction
What you will learn

Our research describes individuals’ attitudes, goals and needs in order to understand how people act and how they are influenced in different situations. Based on this knowledge, you can predict how your customers will react to different products, services and concepts. This gives you a basis on which to design effective marketing activities and implement customer-oriented product development.

How we find answers

On each occasion, we will address your issue with the method that offers you the best basis for decision.


We have great experience in a variety of analysis and research methods, ranging from interviews to quantitative measurements. In combination with our expertise in the construction and property industries, this means we can draw far-reaching conclusions tailored to your business.

The data we use

The combination of continuous market data collection and customer surveys provide us with a unique possibility to deliver high quality analyses. In order to collect the correct data, we help you to identify which knowledge you need before formulating relevant and comprehensive research questions.


We use both online panels and specific target groups, such as a company’s customers, prospective buyers, or stakeholders.

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