Customer insight

What are the behaviors and preferences of your customer or target group? What drives customer satisfaction in your business or industry? We offer a wide range of services related to customer insight
Typical customer needs
Determine willingness to pay
Measure and understand your trademark
Understand customer attitudes and trends
Identify how customers choose and prioritise
Identify and segment target groups
Assess customer satisfaction
Our offering

Whether your aim is to understand your customers or target groups better or identify what drives customer satisfaction within your industry, we are able to provide you with the right data and information.

We have in-depth knowledge and experience from various kinds of surveys and research methods related to customer insight, such as:

  • CSI (customer satisfaction index)
  • Research on customer attitudes and preferences
  • Behavioural studies
  • Willingness to pay
Our experience

For more than a decade we have been responsible for tracking, analyzing, and reporting CSI for the housing development industries in Sweden and Norway. Currently, more than 100 brands and developers are included in the nationwide surveys, and over 10,000 customer responses are collected and analyzed every year.


In addition, we regularly track CSI for multiple suppliers, contractors, and distributors within the Nordic construction market

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