How will the Nordic construction market develop compared to Europe in general?

Do you have operations in Scandinavia or plan to establish yourself in one of the Nordic countries? Prognosesenteret is a leading player in the Nordic market for analyses within the construction and real estate industry. We offer statistics and forecasts that covers the entire European construction market. The market basis provides a unique comparability that includes both general comments from a European perspective and detailed reviews for each country.
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Euroconstruct – a unique network for the construction industry

Euroconstruct is the leading European network with a focus on the building and construction markets. The network has been around for 40 years and today includes 19 member countries, where each country is represented by a carefully chosen organisation, analysis company or institution. Prognosesenteret AS and Prognoscentret AB are both selected representatives in Euroconstruct, with responsibility for Norway and Sweden.


Offers reports and sends invitations to seminars

Twice a year Euroconstruct sends invitations to seminars where the European construction market is presented with analyses and forecasts. In connection with these seminars, reports are also published that provide a transparent and uniform documentation that describes how the market will develop in the coming years.

  • Country report is a compilation of all members’ individual reports. It provides a detailed insight into the specific conditions that apply in each country.
  • Summary report describes the situation in the European construction market from a broader perspective. It supplements the country reports to provide a comparative picture between countries based on the macroeconomic conditions and how the activity within the various market sectors and building types develops.


Understand the conditions and see the potential

With Euroconstruct information you can identify the countries and market segments that have the highest potential for you in the coming years. You can orient yourself in the conditions in each country and market segment to evaluate the potential and risks with a unique comparability.


The reports also provide access to a network of contacts with insight into each country, which makes it possible to get further access to more detailed information if you want. Euroconstruct helps you focus your resources where they generate the best return.

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