Who will buy our houses and what prices can we get?

When we meet housing developers we often get questions like: “Is this really the right product for the right target group?” “Where do we find our customers in an efficient way?” “Do we sell cheap?” Prognosesenteret has the skills and tools to provide support to housing developers for decisions regarding market acquisitions and design and sales of houses.

Customer MapTM Housing

We have developed a customer map that in a simple manner illustrates a housing project’s catchment area (based on migratory flows) and describes the potential customers based on relevant statistics. We call it Customer MapTM Housing. The tool meets all the needs of project development of housing in Sweden and Norway.


Example of results

Customer Visit/Customer MapTM Housing can provide answers to the following questions:

  • Catchment area – where are the customers living now? The tool contains information about where those who moved to the area over the past ten years were living before. Experience shows that this is the best estimate of who will move to an area.
  • Target group description – who are the customers? Age structure, family situation, buying power and other demographic information about those living in the production area.
  • Residential properties – conditions in the area. Distribution of single/multi-family housing, construction year, housing size etc. By mapping the residential properties we get a good indication of the type of housing that is appropriate to build.


Price statistics and willingness to pay

Prognosesenteret can also provide a basis for optimising the price of housing and options. Via the Customer Map you can get access to the index estimated market prices, sizes and end prices of sold residences in the current market. We also conduct investigations of willingness to pay for various choices of materials, designs and characteristics of the houses.


Example of results

In order to make a well-informed decision that maximises customer value and profitability, we offer:

  • Price statistics with information about the last 250 sales in an area.
  • Evaluation of how much customers are willing to pay for various houses or furnishing options in their residence.
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