How satisfied are our customers?

Prognosesenteret's Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) measure how satisfied your customers are. Better still - they identify key areas for improvement in your business. That means the survey is not just a measure of performance but rather a study of customer insight.

With greater understanding of the factors that influence satisfaction, companies get an opportunity to improve the right things in their business. In this way the most effective path to higher customer satisfaction is staked out. The whole company can agree on a target and then focus work towards this goal.


Our method is suitable for all types of companies. Further down the page you will see examples of industries where we measure customer satisfaction.


International and well-established method of investigation

We use an international standard (comparable with e.g. the Swedish Quality Index) so each company can compare their performance against other industries and companies.


The basis for the survey is a relevant and methodically correct questionnaire in which some issues are standardised while others are industry or company specific.


To best understand what drives your specific customers’ satisfaction, we examine what expectations the customer had before their purchase and how the customer perceives your value for the money, as well as your product and service quality. In this way we capture detailed information about what affects satisfaction/dissatisfaction.


How are the results reported?

Ny modul_StartsidaWeb-based reporting of CSI results in real time

The results of the survey are reported continuously in a web-based module with good options for your analysis. Different parts of the business can be compared against each other, the results can be broken down into relevant background variables, all to understand customer satisfaction in the best way.


The web module combines our analysis and research expertise with your unique knowledge of the business.


Statistical analyses point out the most effective path to higher customer satisfaction

In order to prioritise the right things, we perform related analyses that identify each player’s unique path to higher customer satisfaction.


The driving forces for SCI are mapped and the results presented as prioritisation matrices from which we help you interpret and draw conclusions. In a prioritisation matrix two dimensions are considered: the perceived quality in the form of a rating and also the impact of a specific segment of operations on the CSI number in the form of a weight.


Ratings are shown on the vertical scale on the left, weight on the horizontal scale. The further to the right a factor is placed the more important it is to CSI. The factors positioned in the lower right quadrant should be improved first. Secondary focus should be on improving things that also have great importance but which have a higher rating.


Customers and industries

Our method of measuring CSI is well suited for all types of industries and businesses and we have wide experience with CSI surveys in many different areas.


We measure customer satisfaction for more than 80% of all newly built condominiums!


Industry measurement for project-built homes


800Prognosesenteret measures customer satisfaction for most private housing developers in Sweden and Norway as well as a growing amount of municipal housing.


Through these industry surveys we can offer our customers the industry index against which to compare their own results. Each player can also see how they are positioned against other competitors for each question in the survey.


At an annual industry seminar, housing developers and individual projects with the most satisfied customers in the previous year are presented.


Many CSI customers in other industries

  • Buyers of furnishings and building materials, both private and professional buyers of e.g. kitchen & bath, tile and floor tile, plumbing fixtures, chimneys, woodwork etc.
  • Financial and/or technical management for housing cooperatives.
  • Shareholders: In collaboration with the communications consultant company Laika, we produce the Swedish Customer Satisfaction Index. In the survey, listed companies get an overall assessment of their investor relations activities and a description of what drives investor satisfaction.
  • Suppliers of single-family homes: industry measurement of satisfaction among buyers of stick built single-family homes.
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