How big is the Norwegian paint market?

Making decisions on establishing yourself in a new market or getting knowledge about your position in an existing market requires insight into the size of the market and a picture of how the competitive situation looks. Prognosesenteret continuously monitors sales in the paint market and knows how the market development generally looks and how the competition is performing.
Paint brush and roller against wall

The paint market is constantly changing. New brands and sales channels are established. Competing players change their product portfolios while pressured prices keep profitability down.


Ensure your position and increase your market share

Prognosesenteret analyses the development of many different brands on the Nordic market. The analyses are based on ongoing surveys for both private consumers and professional customers. We cover your entire market, both established or new, e.g. imported, brands. This provides a basis for comparing sales within various customer groups or against competitors and provides opportunities to plan and prioritise the company’s market and sales work.


We also follow the development of the brand within retail and companies that offer services related to construction and real estate.


Besides this, we have models to forecast the demand in different customer groups. This gives knowledge that you can take advantage of in strategic processes, sales planning and budgeting.


Our analyses provide answers to the following questions:

  • Positioning – How do we establish ourselves in a clear niche? With more and more brands on the market, the need to establish a clear positioning and develop unique offerings increases. We can provide answers to how big the market is in a chosen price segment and the types of customers who are attracted to a selected segment.
  • Budgeting and forecasts – How large will our costs and revenues be? We provide a basis for working with planning processes, regardless of whether you work with traditional budgets or with rolling forecasts. We also assign control and target figures down to store or seller level and develop bases for prioritising between geographic areas and target groups.
  • Performance – Are we better or worse than our competitors? Compare your sales to the market as a whole or divided into segments and sales districts. We provide knowledge about which customer groups the company is performing well in and which ones should be prioritised.
  • Strategic choices – How do we increase our sales? With our analysis models you get a basis that describes the future demand of various customer types. Today you may have a high market share with a certain type of customer, but to increase the total market share, you may need new priorities.
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